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Theory lessons

Where words fail, music speaks...

... Hans Christian Andersen

Alongside performance skills, development in music theory becomes increasingly important. This helps students to perform with sensitivity, understanding and confidence.

Although musical knowledge is incorporated into lessons, many pupils find separate lessons beneficial when working towards ABRSM exams or for GCSE / A levels. Support is also available for students using Sibelius.

The ABRSM Grade 5 performance exams are often seen as a benchmark and to progress beyond this level you will need to have passed Grade 5 Theory. This covers all the basics of rhythm and notation, being able to write your own compositions, whilst broadening a knowledge of the history of western music, including composers and their works.

After a number of requests for theory lessons I now offer a 45 minute lesson option. This includes 30 minute practical lesson with a further 15 minutes dedicated to theory.

Please complete the contact form with details of your preferred dates and times and I will get back to you with my availability.